Share Machine, Inc. has a variety of CNC machinery and tooling that allows us to machine precision pump and valve components from ½” to 24” diameter. We use precision equipment to maximize production, quality and cost effectiveness for both large and small projects for your machining needs.

Our CNC Equipment Does:

  • 5th Axis Machining
  • Milling
  • Grinding
  • Deburring
Pump Shaft Manufacturing | Share Machine Inc
Pump Shaft Manufacturing
Various Sizes & Lengths Available
Machined Valve Bodies

Computerized Numerical Controlled (CNC) Machining For Pumps & Valve Components

The pump market today has become more specific, more technological and much more complex than the pumps of even a generation ago.

Some Of The Pump & Valve Items We Make

Pump Components We Produce:

  • Shafts

  • Impellers

  • Impeller bolts/nuts

  • Swing bolts

  • Seal collars

  • Seals

  • Bearings and caps

  • Housings

  • Bearing Housings

  • Sleeves

  • Wear rings

  • Split couplings

  • Glands

  • And More…

Precision Machined Valve Components:

  • Valve Bodies

  • Valve Stems

  • Seats

  • Glands

  • Retainers

  • Closures

  • Carriers

  • Bonnets

  • Bushings

  • Brackets

  • Handles

  • Flanges

  • Valve End Connects

  • And Just About Anything Else…

Some Of Our Pumps & Valve Machining