Our state-of-the-art CNC milling equipment allows us to meet even the most precise project specifications. With years of experience in this highly specialized field, Our CNC milling team will deliver superior milled components and parts to perfectly match your requirements.

CNC milling can create parts and components to fit extremely precise dimensions and requirements. Using computer-guided tools, the fabrication process is completed quickly and with supreme accuracy.

Share Machine utilizes several state-of-the-art Haas 4-axis vertical mills to provide the finest CNC milling services. All of our CNC mills operate on Mastercam numerical control programming systems, letting us machine parts with extraordinary efficiency. Our CNC machining centers allow the fabrication of parts in sizes as large as 50″ by 26″ by 24″ to meet any customer specifications.

Our CNC milling machines give us the capacity to meet your small- or large-run production requirements.  Our practice of employing highly expert operators and using only state-of-the-art milling machines gives you the advantages of exceptional quality product and on-time delivery.

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Share Machine is an industry leader in CNC turning. Our superior CNC turning services allow us to fabricate parts and components from a variety of materials, all with unparalleled accuracy and precision. No other facility in the area can match our level of excellence in CNC turning services.

Utilizing computer-automated lathes and machinery, we ensure precise repeatability of fabricated parts and components.  Using this high quality equipment in our machine shop enables us to meet our customers’ most exact specifications with perfect precision. Our CNC turning processes can be uniquely tailored for any application, so no matter what your project requires, Share Machine will work with you to create the ideal CNC turning process for your needs.

Our CNC turning services are ideal for small or large volume runs for your custom components. We also offer prototype CNC turning to guarantee that the finished product meets your specifications. Share Machine’s CNC turning facility will deliver superior fabricated parts for any application, quickly, efficiently, and at low cost. If you’re looking for top quality CNC milling and turning, look no further than Share Machine.

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5-axis machining is an advanced cutting method that creates some of the highest quality parts here at Share Machine.  While previously reserved for only the highest-budgeted manufacturers, 5-axis machining has come a long way and is now commonly available to the rest of the manufacturing world.

The 5-axis mills and machines are used heavily in various applications and can cut even the most intricate of patterns. They can also offer efficiency improvements for products that may only need 3-axis machining. However you choose to use it, successful 5-axis machining can have significant benefits for your manufacturing operations.

Many CNC machines operate on three axes, with an X-, a Y- and a Z-axis for machine movement. In a 5-axis machine, you still have these three, but two of them rotate as well, adding an A- and B-axis. This design allows them to complete many simultaneous movements to make smooth or intricate designs. The configuration of the rotating and static axes can vary from machine to machine.

5-axis CNC machining is quick and efficient, offering a “one and done” approach. In a 3-axis machine, you would have to manually rotate the part in between passes so the cutting tool could access all of the faces. A 5-axis machine will do it for you. It can turn the piece and reach all of its faces in one go. It also allows for more complicated designs with this wide range of motion, and you can count on the machine to automatically rotate the tools you use.

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Share Machine Is Here To Help Your Production Needs

We work with our customers in the design and development of new products, custom parts and the modification and improvement of existing parts. We follow CAD and CAM drawings and specifications, meaning we can fulfill the requirements of our clients. If you need your parts to be consistent, delivered on-time, produced in a safe environment and at competitive prices, Share Machine will deliver.

Whether a low or high volume order of intricate machined parts, Share Machine has the tools to create those specific parts to meet your needs. We are a professional CNC machine shop and offer reliable CNC machining services.