Reverse Engineered Parts

Share Machine specializes in reverse engineering of CNC machined parts. When you don’t have the specs for your machinery or you have broken and depleted parts that have become obsolete, we create 3D models using our highly qualified engineering team and design software.

If your machine is still in great working condition but is now outdated, we can manufacture parts using reverse engineering, replacing any broken or worn out machine parts in order for you to hold onto your expensive equipment. We also manufacture replacement parts of high turnover machine pieces for you to have on hand whenever you need them. We specialize in customized low or medium production parts. We work with very close tolerances for a variety of industries including but not limited to: plastics, water treatment, industrial machining, food processing equipment, micro and fusion welding, and printing equipment.

When your machine part breaks down or becomes worn out due to continued use, our qualified engineers can inspect your machinery to recreate the part. With little or no current specs, we’ll analyze the machinery and parts in order to produce a new part that will work like new in your machinery. All parts are approved by our customers before final production is complete to make sure you are getting exactly what you need.

Reverse Engineering Parts Side by Side

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We specialize in close tolerance custom parts, reverse engineering, and prototype machining. Light fabrication, grinding, welding, and select secondary operations are also available.

Precision Reverse Engineered Parts

Reverse Engineered - BeforeReverse Engineered - After

A Few Of The Many Reversed Engineered Parts We Have Made